Letting us know helps ensure your gift is used how you’d like it.

Leave a lasting impact through a legacy gift

Thank you for your interest in including the Dumb Friends League in your estate planning. For over 110 years, the League has made an incredible impact in the community by helping to end pet homelessness and animal suffering. Your contribution will help us ensure a bright future for our organization and the animals in our care for years to come.

Allow our team to help you leave a meaningful legacy gift by contacting us with any questions at plannedgiving@ddfl.org or 303.751.5772. Please know there will never be an expectation or obligation to complete a gift.

Join the Founders Society

If you’re ready to enroll in the Mary E. Bates Founders Society, you can do so by submitting the notification form. There is no minimum contribution to join.

Members receive:

  • An invitation to our annual appreciation luncheon
  • Recognition at our shelters
  • Subscription to Closer View, our quarterly newsletter demonstrating the impact of your vital support
  • The option to enroll your pets in the League’s Pet Guardianship Program
Create a will

If you’d like to create your will, you can do so in under 15 minutes by using our free will writing tool through our partners at Life Legacy!

Other ways to give

There are many avenues you can take when making your legacy gift to the Dumb Friends League. Let us help you plan your gift in the most meaningful and efficient way possible. Contact our Planned Giving Department at 303.751.5772 today.

Beneficiary designations

Designate the Dumb Friends League as a beneficiary of your retirement account, financial account, or annuity. Simply reach out to the financial institution that manages your account to request a beneficiary designation.

Life insurance

Name the Dumb Friends League as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or donate an unneeded policy now for a tax deduction.

Personal property and real estate

You can leave a gift of personal property, including your car, real estate, or other valuables to the Dumb Friends League. Once your property is accepted, it will be sold, and the proceeds will be directed to the League.


  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Create a trust that pays income annually. The principal is retained for the Dumb Friends League.
  • Charitable Lead Trust: Create a charitable trust that pays fixed or variable income to the Dumb Friends League, typically for a set number of years. The principal is retained for your heirs.

Start giving today and see your impact in action

  • IRA Rollover: If you are 70 ½ years or older, you can make a gift from your IRA up to $105,000 annually. Speak with your plan administrator to make a transfer to the Dumb Friends League.
  • Donor Advised Fund (DAF): Giving through a DAF allows you to provide one-time or recurring grants to the charities of your choice. You can add funds to a DAF at your convenience and receive tax benefits.
  • Cryptocurrency Gifts: Donate cryptocurrency through every.org. Every will convert the cryptocurrency to U.S. dollars and transfer the gift to the Dumb Friends League.

Thank you for your interest in leaving a legacy gift to support the longevity and continued impact of the Dumb Friends League. We truly appreciate your generous commitment to our mission. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a member of our team, please contact us at 303.751.5772 or plannedgiving@ddfl.org.

Essential Information to Share with Your Estate Planning Attorney

  • Legal Name – Denver Dumb Friends League
  • Federal Tax ID# – 84-0405254
  • Business Address – 2080 S. Quebec St. | Denver, CO 80231
  • Type of entity – Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation

Sample Language

“I hereby give (percentage amount) to the Denver Dumb Friends League, a Colorado nonprofit corporation with principal offices at 2080 S. Quebec St., Denver, CO 80231.”