Meet Yuki, a sweet, 12-year-old Australian cattle dog with so much love to give!

Like many of us, Yuki thrives on routine. For years, she enjoyed uninterrupted one-on-one time with her beloved human, Carrie*, including coworking from home, peaceful daily walks and endless attention. These experiences provided Yuki with much-needed solace to recover from the trauma she reportedly endured in her formative puppy years when she was part of a backyard breeding operation.

As Yuki learned what it means to be loved, her guard slowly began to dwindle while her trust in her faithful companion grew. The two were inseparable, sharing a remarkably close-knit bond that stood the test of time. Then, sadly, life threw a challenging curve ball their way.

In the summer of 2021, Yuki lost her dear friend due to critical health concerns. She stood by her loyal caretaker, returning the unconditional love that she had received, until the very end. Fortunately, a member of Carrie and Yuki’s extended family, Sandy, graciously stepped into the gap. And as time went on, Yuki’s temporary home with Sandy’s family became more than just a makeshift solution. Despite their broken hearts after Carrie passed, Yuki’s new caretakers welcomed her with open arms, and they mourned the loss of their loved one together.

However, even with the best of intentions, it has become increasingly clear that Sandy’s home is not in Yuki’s best interest for the long term. Although she has been surrounded by love, the hustle and bustle of a busy family – including two other dogs – has been a big and often stressful adjustment for this senior sweetheart with a difficult past.

In September 2022, Sandy contacted the League for help in finding Yuki the perfect forever home. Luckily, Carrie had generously included the Dumb Friends League in her estate plans, thereby becoming a member of our Founders Society and securing access to our unique Pet Guardianship Program. This program ensures and supports the (foster) care of pets who outlive their owners before they are adopted by new families and rehomed. As part of the program, Sandy and her family have access to foster care supplies, animal behavior guidance and support, and a feature on the League’s website to promote Yuki’s adoption.

While waiting to meet her new family, Yuki has been hard at work on her wish list so that she may live out her golden years in happiness and comfort. She would like to share that with you today:

  • Close companionship. If Yuki had her druthers, her eyes would be on her person at all times. A loyal pup through and through, she loves to be where you are and would prefer her new person to work from home or be retired.
  • Female roommates only. Yuki is enjoying “girl time” with Sandy, but she is still quite wary of males, including Sandy’s husband whom Yuki encounters daily. A single female roommate is even better!
  • Routine: Yuki thrives when she can predict what comes next. According to Sandy, one of Yuki’s favorite rituals is bedtime. Her nightly “zoomies” typically include brief playtime with her favorite squeaky toys, which she insists upon squeaking gently with her nose rather than her teeth. Sandy, who sleeps with Yuki apart from the rest of the family and dogs, shares that she’s a very easy bed partner who keeps to herself once she’s beside you.
  • Low traffic home. Sandy tells us that, even around females, Yuki can become nervous in response to sudden, erratic movements. Occasional company is ok by Yuki, but a calm presence is best.
  • Mental stimulation. Yuki is one smart cookie and was even learning dog voice buttons to communicate with Carrie not long ago! Sandy shares that she loves mastering new things. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
  • Daily walks. Yuki may be 12 years old, but she forgets her age when she sees her leash. Yuki is known to have a little extra pep in her step when there’s snow on the ground – true to her name, which means “snow” in Japanese.
  • Your one and only. Yuki will be happiest soaking up all the attention without having to share her new person with other pets. She can’t wait to be the queen of your castle!

While no one can take the place of Yuki’s first love, there’s still so much room in her big, deserving heart for the right person. This is in large part thanks to the loving and thoughtful care she has received from Sandy and her family – with their support, she is ready for the next chapter of her life.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

Pupdate! At long last, Yuki has found her perfect match and just the right place to call home. After sparks flew with her new adopter at the League, Yuki’s foster family lovingly said, “goodbye for now,” and sent her on her way with all her favorite goodies in tow. Happy tails, sweet Yuki! We’re so happy you have found a new person to love (and love you).