Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, but at the Dumb Friends League we are preparing for an event of ep-PUP proportions. You’re invited to join the League and Denver International Airport for the sixth annual Puppy Bowl!

This year’s event has gone virtual and is CUTER.THAN.EVER. Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this one. The highly anticipated game is scheduled for Friday, February 5 from 10 a.m.  to noon. Tune in on the Dumb Friends League Facebook page and watch as the ruff-and-tumble starting line-PUP brings us two hours of ooooohs and awwws. 

Puppies featured in the Puppy Bowl will be available for adoption following the event on a first-come, first-serve basis. Interested adopters can visit to learn more about the pet adoption process and view all pets looking for their new homes.

Meet two of the players below: 


With 8-weeks experience at being a dog, Zeus comes into the game weighing 11 pounds. This powerhouse of a pup is a champion cuddler and experts agree that as he grows, he will continue to advance in his skills of becoming the ultimate good boy.


At 8-weeks-old and weighing in at nearly 12 pounds, experts say Apollo has a strong future of being the best boy as he continues to advance his skills at being a dog. Apollo has shown great skills in playing, snuggling and looking cute. Keep your eye on this pup, sources say he’ll go far.

All puppies featured in the Puppy Bowl were cared for in the Dumb Friends League Homes with Hearts Foster Program. You can support programs like these by making a compassionate donation at today.