As a 100% community-funded organization, the Dumb Friends League relies on the generosity of people like you to support our mission of ending pet homelessness and animal suffering. Through giving, our compassionate community of donors and volunteers makes our vital work possible. It is because of them that we are able to provide warm shelter, veterinary care, and behavioral support for nearly 20,000 homeless animals each year.

From July 25-29, the Dumb Friends League celebrates Donor Appreciation Week and all the people who find creative ways to support the animals in our care and community. In the last 7 months alone, YOU have helped the League:

•Welcome 11,839 animals to our facilities

•Provide 15,152 spay/neuter surgeries to animals at our shelters and throughout our community

•Find loving homes for 13,383 pets and 112 horses

Whether you’re a new donor or have been with us for years, please know that your generosity moves mountains (and tails), opens doors (and hearts), and makes dreams (and families) a reality.

In honor of Donor Appreciation Week, we are highlighting three ways friends can support our work: monthly, workplace, and planned giving.

Monthly Giving 

Monthly donors support the animals in our care and community by making a donation every month of the year. No matter the size, each monthly contribution makes a difference. And those gifts add up. For example, it takes $535 on average to care for just one animal at the Dumb Friends League. If 20 people each donated $5 per month for one year, their collective gift of $1,200 would help cover the cost of care for two animals in need!

Since 2008, Robert T. has been a loyal monthly donor. He gives monthly to the League, with the recognition that it often takes a village to ensure animals receive the love they deserve. “[They] can’t take care of themselves,” says Robert. “We [often] have to step in, and that’s the name of the game.” In addition to giving generously each month, Robert has also adopted new friends from our shelter. Just this June, he welcomed a sweet, 3-year-old cattle dog mix into his home and heart.

Interested in monthly giving? Click here and select “Monthly” under “Donation Information.”

Workplace Giving

One way to increase your impact is to team up with your employers, staff, and colleagues when donating to the Dumb Friends League. Each year, we are thrilled to see companies participate and build their team’s spirit at the Furry Scurry, our signature fundraiser event. Likewise, through workplace giving initiatives, such as automatic payroll deductions and corporate match programs, employees, retirees, and even employees’ partners can easily support the causes that mean the most to them.

Does your employer have matching funds available? Click here to find out. If you have questions about how workplace giving can impact our programming, please contact us at

Planned Giving 

Gifts made through planned giving represent commitments to provide for our organization’s future. Comprised of donors across the U.S. who include the League in their wills, the Dr. Mary E. Bates Founders Society ensures that pets and horses in need will receive the best possible care for many years to come. Members of our Founders Society have formed a close-knit community all their own, partly thanks to an annual celebration where they learn about the Dumb Friends League’s latest milestones and achievements.

Estate gifts account for a significant portion of the League’s annual fundraising budget, and we recognize how essential this group is to the long-term impact of our organization. We could not be more grateful to our Founders Society donors – being a part of their generous legacy is truly the highest honor.

Would you like to learn more about planned giving and the benefits of Founders Society membership? Click here for more information or email us at

Thank you again for giving so generously to support the mission of the Dumb Friends League. From each treat we give to every surgery we perform, your compassion makes all the difference.